Random House Creates New IP and Developer Group Working with Game Companies

Random House Publishing Group announced today a new group that will create original IP (intellectual property) story content that can be marketed and developed in conjunction with media and video game companies.  This will also include working with game companies to develop original storylines and world-building for existing IP.

The first partnership was announced today with Stardock, PC game developers who are currently working on their next fantasy strategy game, Elemental: War of Magic.  Random House will work in conjunction with Stardock to develop a deeper storyline, campaign, and other elements of the story of the game.  Random House will also be publishing the novel, Elemental: Destiny's Embers.  This novel is set in the world of Elemental and is written by Elemental creator and Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell.

"A good story doesn't necessarily have to begin and end with a game; it can and should encompass as many creative mediums as possible in order to provide fans with the most complete rendering of a fictional place or time," said Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock and executive producer of Elemental. "With Elemental  having an incredibly rich back story to tell, partnering with Random House allows us to create the most immersive universe possible for our fans."

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