RapidShare launches RapidDrive cloud service for Windows

The cloud-based file storage service is getting crowded with efforts like Microsoft's SkyDrive, Google's Google Drive, and Dropbox, among others, already available. Now the popular file sharing service RapidShare has launched a new service this week called RapidDrive that aims to replicate some features found on Dropbox and other services.

According to the company's official announcement:

Your RapidShare account will be displayed in your Windows explorer window as if it was an additional hard drive. After the program has started and the hard drive has been integrated, you can upload and download files easily by moving them in Windows explorer. Another advantage of RapidDrive is that you can save new files directly from other programs (such as word processing programs) in your RapidShare account.

The service is currently in beta and can only be access by users who sign onto their paid RapidPro accounts. The final version is expected to go live in September. At the moment, the RapidDrive app is just for Windows-based PCs but RapidShare claims that it is working on apps for other operating systems as well.

Earlier this year, RapidShare announced it was cutting the download speeds on people who access files on the service for free.

Source: RapidShare | Image via RapidShare

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