Rapper causes an uproar at a Microsoft Store

Hip-hop's newest sensation, Machine Gun Kelly has caused quite the uproar at a gig in a Microsoft store in Atlanta last Friday.

The Houston-born rapper was promoting his debut album, Lace up when he struck nerves in the Microsoft store when his performance escalated and resulted in him jumping onto tables which were filled with laptops and desktops, throwing Microsoft’s promotional signs, and of course giving the middle finger to Microsoft employees.

The video below shows what MGK was up to in Microsoft's store in Atlanta:

MGK reportedly stomped on five computers before his music and microphone were cut off. Considering his performance was cancelled, MGK wasn’t happy and refused to get down from one of the tables. Soon after, he was escorted out of the Microsoft store by authorities. Since then, MGK has tweeted a picture of himself giving the middle finger to people around him.

The rapper's debut album, titled Lace Up is released on October 9th, for those actually interested.

Source: CNet

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