Raven Shield Patch Tomorrow

Ubi Soft today announced that an improved version of the Raven Shield multiplayer demo will be released tomorrow. The patch will fix some cheat issues, improve death physics, add a new game mode (Escort the Pilot) and a new map (Import/Export Company in Brazil), and more .

For the moment, here are some details about this patch:

  • Floating elements (HBS/Helmets/Grenades)

  • Connection for slow PCs (which cause a black screen)

  • Getting stuck on ladders

  • Switching weapon

  • Sound Error Messages

  • Fix some cheat issues

  • Death Physics improvement

  • Misc. Network Optimization

  • A countdown has been added in the beginning of each round

  • New Game Mode: Escort the Pilot

  • Goal: Green team must escort a downed pilot, played by one of their own, to the extraction zone. Red team must prevent him from reaching the extraction zone.

  • New Map: Import/Export Company

  • Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • Arm Patches features - Officially added.

  • We also adjusted the speed of the player, the explosive ranges, the reticule speed, and miscellaneous message time (Chat and Drawing Tool [F4])
News source: Gamer's Hell

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