Razer launches new versions of BlackWidow keyboard

Less than a week after PC gaming peripheral maker Razer announced plans to release its first notebook, the Razer Blade, the company has announced new versions of two previously released products. The Razer BlackWidow and BlackWidow Ultimate gaming PC keyboards have each received an upgrade, turning them into "Stealth" versions. Both versions of the mechanical keyboard have received a new keyset that offers quieter responses for its users compared to the original versions.

In addition to the new keyset, Razer has added some new anti-ghosting features to the new version of the BlackWidow Ultimate Edition. "Ghosting" means that a normal keyboard cannot work when several of its keys are pressed at the same time. Razer says, "This is an improvement over the traditional anti-ghosting matrix when it allows up to 6 simultaneous key presses anywhere on the keyset so your orchestra of destruction is executed in its entirety." The two new versions of the BlackWidow also have a new matte black finish.

The regular version of the BlackWidow Stealth Edition is still a full mechanical keyboard with 45g actuation force (meaning there's little force needed to push on the keys). In addition to the standard keyboard buttons, it also has five additional macro buttons and programmable keys that allow for on-the-fly macro recording. The BlackWidow also features multi-media controls, an option to disable the Windows key for your gaming needs and 10 customizable software profiles. It sells for $79.99. The BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition contains a number of additional features including backlit keys with five different levels of lighting, audio and microphone jacks and a USB-passthrough. It sells for $139.99. Both versions are now on sale on Razer's web site.

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