Razer starts shipping Windows 8 Razer Edge tablets

If you were one of the folks who managed to get their pre-order in for the Razer Edge tablet at the beginning of March, there's some good news for you. Razer has confirmed that it has begun shipments of the Windows 8 tablet for those folks who ordered it this month.

The announcement came via a note on the Razer Facebook page and fulfills a promise to start shipments of the tablet before the end of March, with a couple of days to spare. This includes orders for both the Razer Edge and the higher end, and more expensive, Razer Edge Pro tablet. Razer halted pre-orders of the Razer Edge Pro less than two weeks after they began began because of high demand. The $999 Razer Edge is still available but orders placed right now won't begin to ship for another four to six weeks. Shipments are also limited to the US and Canada at this point.

In a separate press release this week, Razer announced that future shipments of the Razer Edge tablet will have Valve's Steam PC game download software client pre-installed and that the tablet will work well with Steam's Big Picture mode.

Source: Razer on Facebook | Image via Razer

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