Razer's Sila is tri-band AC3000 gaming router priced at $249.99

Razer is known for its many gaming products so it only seems natural that it would release its own router. Today, the firm has done just that, announcing its new Sila gaming router.

Like many of its products, this is aimed at gamers looking for the best performance. Not only will this router deliver excellent speeds, but it will also have the ability to "prioritize your applications for smooth wireless gaming performance".

The router is capable of making this a possibility with its Razer FasTrack engine, which can "prioritize bandwidth when too many applications or devices are in use". If you want to make things easy, you can just pop the router into Game Mode and let it handle the prioritizations itself and even have the router prioritize hardware like game consoles and PCs. According to Razer, the router can also increase Wi-Fi signal strength by operating on "normally-restricted bandwidth frequencies".

Like many high-end routers, you can purchase and combine up to three Razer Sila units together in a group to create a Mesh network. This will allow you to get the best performance and signal strength if you are using the router in a larger space that may have dead areas. Three Sila units will be able to cover up to 9,000 feet.

The Razer Sila does also have an iOS and Android app that will allow for easy customizations. If interested, the router is now available from the Razer website and will cost $249.99. For a limited time, the firm is offering free shipping.

Source: Razer via The Verge

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