Reader Spotlight: Pictures from the Valley Fair Microsoft store opening

Microsoft stores are opening up all across the United States and each new store offers a new avenue for Microsoft to connect directly with its consumers. The tastefully designed stores are another retail location that consumers can purchase goods and receive support on the latest Microsoft products. 

Neowin reader MASposts ventured out to the Santa Clara Valley Fair Microsoft store and snapped the photos you see in this post. The new store opened just a few days ago and the pictures show the store to be filled with consumers wanting to get their hands on the latest Microsoft products.

Microsoft is planning on opening 75 retail stores in total across the country which you see on a map here. All of these new stores will be filled with everything from laptops to Windows Phone devices and of course it's popular Kinect attachment to the Xbox 360. 

If you have ever been to a Windows Store, let us know about it in the comments below. While Microsoft has only slated 75 stores to open as of now, we could hope to see an expansion internationally as well as more stores opening domestically if they prove to be successful. 

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