Real-Time MMORPG Announced

Summitsoft Corporation announced today it will publish Avaria's Endless Ages, the world's first true real time first person shooter MMORPG (massively multiplayer role playing game). Situated in the persistent world environment of Iia, Endless Ages has proved an addictive success since the official launch of its online pilot program last year.

Players can hook up with clans or go it alone as they hit the arenas, uncover thousands of quests, tame and ride wild beasts, run trade stores on- or offline, and pilot any number of vehicles including jetpacks, hover bikes, hydro crafts and submarines. Unique skills such as shape shifting and mind control further sets Endless Ages apart from others in this genre.

"Our intention with Endless Ages is to offer a more dynamic gaming element than traditional online games," states Bruce Lowry, President and CEO of Summitsoft. "The frantic exciting nature of real time action in a persistent first- or third-person world creates an excitement that hooks players, and keeps them hooked month after month."

Retailers are the primary portal for entry to the world of lia offering a $39.95 launch pack that includes a startup disc, full in-depth manual and strategy guide, and 30 days of online access free with purchase. Rated Teen with suggestive themes and violence, Endless Ages will be available nationwide beginning June 2nd and carry a low monthly subscription rate of $9.95 after the 30 free days.

News source: VE3D

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