Sit back and relax, no new Windows 10 build today

Today we have seen the new setup process, both earlier mocked up from our super secret Neowin sources and on video, as well as a large number of images from build 10036, which was handed to partners and subsequently laid bare for all to see.

But, today also brought solid news that a new Windows Insider build will not appear through Windows Update thanks to the group head for the Insider pool, Gabriel Aul on Twitter.

The tweet was met with light hearted banter and disappointment, as one or two pointed out that the day, or weekend is a perfect time to put an untested OS through its paces. But, according to some, Microsoft does not like to put out builds on a Monday or Friday, perhaps due to the non support many testers would face in such a scenario, but lets discard the fact that build 9926 was released on a Friday too..

However, there's still WZor who has Windows 10 build 10036, and is planning to leak it. Although if that happens we can be sure it won't be the same build Microsoft is planning to release to Insiders, because WZor's leak does not yet have the new setup experience or Spartan.

So, sit back and relax, maybe find a day or two next week to clear so that we get to test the real thing.

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