Republique - an innovative mobile experience

Showing off what's without a doubt one of the most impressive iOS titles ever attempted, a new development studio called Camouflaj is reaching out to the KickStarter community to help fund their ambitious project. The game, entitled Republique, revolves around an extremely original gameplay formula, with an almost art house style focus on themes like censorship, voyeurism and totalitarianism.

Republique looks like the kind of game that could put titles like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope to shame, taking storytelling to a level unheard of on mobile devices, and one that's rare even on consoles.

Camouflaj's founder, Ryan Payton, describes the company's mission as being to create real games specifically for mobile. Taking inspiration from games like Infinity Blade, the studio aims to design games with mobile in mind from the ground up, and that's exactly what they're working on here.

Described as a 'stealth survival' game, Republique gives you the task of protecting Hope, a woman seeking to escape from a totalitarian state who communicates with you through a stolen phone. You help guide her to safety by using the nation's surveillance systems, which means that you see everything from the a 'fly on the wall' perspective.

Republique definitely looks like it could be a pretty awesome game, but the developers need your help to make it a reality. For a mere $10, you'll be guaranteed a copy of the game upon release, but those who opt to give $50 or more will also receive a special companion journal, an ornate replica of an in-game item. Camouflaj is definitely a studio to keep an eye out for in the future.

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