Respawn: Open beta for Titanfall is "possible" before game's release

This past weekend, developer Respawn Entertainment started a limited closed alpha test of their highly anticipated first person shooter Titanfall for a select number of Xbox One owners. With the game itself due for launch in less than two months, many gamers have wondered if Respawn might offer an open beta for the game.

In a post on her Twitter account this weekend, Respawn's community manager Abbie Heppe offered an encouraging response on this topic to a fan:

Any open beta test would have to be launched very soon. Titanfall is due for release for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11th. In the meantime, a few people who have participated in the closed alpha test have decided to break the developer's NDA and post up their impressions, screenshots and gameplay footage taken from the early build. Titanfall's publisher Electronic Arts has been busy this weekend, asking that video sites remove the clips from the closed alpha test.

A developer at Respawn, Rayme Vinson, did confirm via Twitter that the textures in the Titanfall closed alpha test have been reduced to 25 percent of what their resolution will be like in the final game. In other words, any footage or images from the alpha test that people might see on the Internet are not even close to what the final shipping version will look like.

Source: Abbie Heppe on Twitter | Image via Respawn

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