Return to Castle Wolfenstein add-on pack impressions

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One of last year's most well-received first-person shooters was undoubtedly Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was a collaborative effort between Activision, id Software, Gray Matter, and Nerve Software. The game's excellent use of the Quake III: Team Arena engine and its breadth of multiplayer gameplay modes made it an instant hit among shooter fans. It's no surprise that Activision would want to build on the success of Wolfenstein, and with that in mind, the company had a playable build of the upcoming add-on pack for the game on the E3 show floor.

The game is being developed by Nerve Software and Splash Damage (a new studio made up of the Q3F mod team and based in London), and it will include 10 new single-player missions and 10 new multiplayer maps. In addition, the expansion will also add several new weapons, engineer abilities, and even a new player class: the covert ops specialist. Like the spy in Team Fortress, the covert ops class has the ability to pick uniforms off any dead soldiers and assume a new identity.

Other new weapons in the Wolfenstein add-on include a grenade launcher and a land mine for the engineer class.

The Wolfenstein add-on is scheduled for release later this year.

News source: GameSpot

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