Return to Castle Wolfenstein tournament

Activision, NVIDIA, Corporation and id Software have teamed up to create a new Return to Castle Wolfenstein tournament.

Gamers across North America will be allowed to participate in The Battle on the Beachead II, which runs from April 7 through May 12. The tournament pits teams against one another in an Axis vs. Allies battle against time. Each map includes a set number of mission objectives that must be completed as quickly as possible. Teams play four rounds, both as the attacker and the defender, with the team winning the most matches advancing to the next bracket.

Prizes include NVIDIA GeForce FX graphics cards, a limited edition RTCW print signed by the id Software team and a collection of Activision's PC titles.

For more information and registration, go to the sites below. Captains can sign-up their six-person team at between March 31 and April 5.

News source: Games Domain

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