Review: Dell Inspiron XPS

We have to hand it to Dell, when they get serious about entering a new market they pull no punches and do a great job of sending the competition scrambling. Its Inspiron XPS gaming Laptop is far and away the fastest of its kind we've laid our hands on. The sheer amount of gaming prowess possessed by the XPS is something one must experience to truly appreciate. Sure we can provide you with a bunch of benchmark graphs, but once you actually see how smoothly games play, you'll be a believer.

The XPS series of gaming PCs embarks a new philosophy for Dell – no longer are they willing to sit on the sidelines and do nothing – moreover, they're going after the market of gaming PCs so aggressively now that many of the boutique builders who had initially shrugged them off are taking notice.

Using the same basic design as the 8600 series, this new XPS does come in a slightly larger package and overall weight. Nothing about this laptop feels at all "Cheesy" or "not right" – to the point, in our experience, the solid overall feel to the XPS is second to none. Whenever you have a laptop that uses such a massive cooling fan coupled with excellent Heatpipe cooling technology, you can't help but break-out the drool rags.

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