Review of the Week: iPod Touch 16GB by rajputwarrior

Every Sunday, as part of the Sunday's Member-Written Review of the Week, the front page will bring you a new review posted by one of our very own members in the Reviews by Members for Members subforum. The subform is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked. This week I have stumbled upon rajputwarrior's review of the 16GB iPod Touch. Pictures are courtesy of Apple and rajputwarrior.

"So this will be my review of an iPod Touch 16gb. I just got this recently and like every geek, first think I did was hack it, but I will talk about that later. Anyways, here it is. And oh yeah, pics will be coming soon (showing of all the apps). To give a bit of a background of my iPod experience, I have owned two nanos and a shuffle (all of which are first gen). So in terms of iPod upgrades, it doesn't get much bigger (well, maybe an iPhone)."

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