Review of the Week: LG Venus by StevoFC

As part of the Sunday's Member-Written Review of the Week, the front page would like to show you another review written by one of our very own members and posted in Reviews by Members for Members. This subforum is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked. This week I have chosen StevoFC's review of the LG Venus. Pictures are courtesy of StevoFC.

"At a quick glance the phone looks great…much better than my old phone, a V3C Razr. The front of the phone is 2 screens basically covered by what seems to be glass. But after using the phone for a while I noticed that the bottom (touch) screen seems to have some give to it, almost feeling squishy so to speak. As you look close you will see that some parts of the phone aren’t black, but a dark blue color. It’s slightly annoying to the overall appearance, but in certain light you really can’t tell."

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