Review of the Week: MacBook Air by Ker

As part of the Member-Written Review of the Week, the front page presents to you another review written by one of our very own forum members and posted in Reviews by Members for Members. This week I have chosen KeR's review of the MacBook Air. Pictures are courtesy of KeR.

"Everyone knows it's thin, how thin you say? Well if I were a villain in a James Bond movie who killed people by throwing Notebooks at them, I'd be very efficient at it. In all honesty if one were to throw it like a Frisbee at someone's neck, I think it would cut their head clean off their shoulders. Well maybe not quiet, but you get my point – it's thin. At just 3.0 pounds, with a 13.3" LED screen and full sized illuminated keyboard the MacBook Air feels just right, especially when sitting on my lap. I can't imagine much being improved, visually. As usual the build quality is on par with everything else Apple makes; top notch."

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