Review of the Week: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet by zivan56

As part of the Sunday's Member-Written Review of the Week, the front page brings you yet another review written by one of our very own members in Reviews by Members for Members. This subforum is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked. This week I have stumbled upon zivan56's review of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Pictures are courtesy of zivan56.

"I was looking for something to allow me to browse the internet and read e-mails without lugging a laptop around. However, it also had to have PDF support and have at least some other installable software. After looking through various Windows Mobile and Palm models, I couldn't find anything that did all 3 of these tasks very well. In fact, most of them had quite a small screen and had a phone built in (which I did not need). After searching around for a while, I found the N800, which seemed to do all of these things and was very hackable (runs Debian Linux). However, it was not so cheap ($430 USD/CAD) on the Nokia site! Fortunately, a local store had it for quite cheap: $250."

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