Review of the Week: Third Generation iPod Nano by Quillz

As part of our recent efforts to get more unique content on the front page, I would like to introduce to you the Sunday's Member-Written Review of the Week. Every Sunday, the front page will bring you a new review posted by one of our very own members in the Reviews by Members for Members subforum. This review will tend to be fairly recent and will generally focus on new products. I am looking for appropriate length, acceptable English language skills as well as pictures and/or screenshots. The subform is predominantly hardware reviews but software reviews have an equal chance of being picked. Members can comment both in the comments section or in the thread itself.

This week I have stumbled upon Quillz's review of the third generation iPod Nano. The review itself is over 1500 words and is broken down into four categories: "Aesthetics", "User Interface", "Video Playback" and "So, is it worth the price?" The answer to the latter is yes, but if you want to know how he reached his conclusion, you are welcome to click on the link below. It should be noted that we prefer for the review's pictures or screenshots to be taken by our members; however, this one time the review's pictures are courtesy of Engadget and other websites.

View: Review of the Third Generation iPod Nano

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