Review: Razor-sharp fun with Wolverine

He slices! He dices! He's Wolverine!

Launching simultaneously with much-hyped X2 feature film, X2 Wolverine's Revenge follows the adventures of mutant X-Men in an original story developed by Marvel Comics writer and editor Larry Hama.

It's also the first video game that allows players to climb into the retractable claws of Wolverine.

While not as much fun as the Spider-Man video games (another joint effort between Marvel and video game publisher Activision), Wolverine's Revenge is more than a shameless movie tie-in.

In this single-player title, Wolverine discovers that the nefarious organization that endowed him with his unique mutations has triggered a deadly virus in his body. Wolverine has only 48 hours to secure the antidote before he succumbs.

News source: CNN

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