Review: The Mouse with LED and Fan

We at Tech-Critic got a chance from Xoxide to get to review one of there toys, The Mouse with Fan and Led, yes that is right. Now there is not much you can say about a mouse but how to play games with it and etc. This mouse is pretty special because it has a Blue Led and a fan in it. The fan for all you that are wondering is there for when you have those sweaty palms.

Here is a little snippet from the review:

"Ever had that feeling when you have been on the computer for a while and then all of a sudden your hand gets sweaty? We all have had that feeling one or more times before, and then you had to take off your hand from the mouse? Well have we got something interesting for you to look at.

We at Tech-Critic yet again got another chance from to review one of there latest products. It is the called the Mouse with a blue led fan. It is a pretty cool and fascinating mouse compared to all the other ones out there partly because it has a blue led fan built in it and also is an optical mouse. The cost of this mouse is $29.99 plus shipping and handling."

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News source: Tech-Critic

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