Revised naming for Internet Explorer 7

The Internet Explorer product team today announced a change in their planned naming scheme for Internet Explorer 7 after concerns from the wider community.

In late May, a post on the team's blog stated that the name "IE7+" was to be used to refer to the version of Internet Explorer 7 that ran on Windows Vista. This was to differentiate between the differing feature set offered by Microsoft's latest browser when used on Windows XP and on Windows Vista. A backlash from the wider community ensued, many stating that such a name would cause confusion for users, particularly when it could be interpreted as "IE7 or above".

Responding to these concerns, the product team announced that the new version would be known simply as Internet Explorer 7, regardless of the operating system it was run on.  For documentation describing platform-specific features, the term "Windows Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista" is to be used.

The move has both surprised and pleased testers of the popular web browser, which is to be released later this year.

News source: Internet Explorer development blog

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