Revolutionary DISCT@2 Technology from Yamaha

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Yamaha Electronics introduces its exclusive DiscT@2TM Laser Labeling System, which allows graphics and text to be burnt onto the unused portion of any CD-R disc. DiscT@2 represents another leap forward in CD-R technology from Yamaha, the company which created the very first consumer CD-R recorder back in 1988. Possible uses for DiscT@2 include:

Labeling a disc with company logos or individual signatures. Labeling an audio or data disc you give to friends or family during special occasions with unique messages such as "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas from John and Mary". Labeling audio mixes with the name of the songs. Labeling backup CDs with the name of the program and serial number. Labeling hard drive backups with the date of the backup and the number of the CD, assuming that multiple CDs are used.

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