RIP Microsoft Points? MS announces move to 'real money' for Xbox One [Update]

Its been a long time coming. All the way back in January of last year, we reported that Microsoft was planning to retire its confusing Microsoft Points payments system, and the rumour resurfaced just a few weeks ago

Today, at its Xbox keynote at E3 2013, Microsoft announced that its finally moving away from Microsoft Points for digital purchases on its new Xbox One console. Microsofts Marc Whitten said: "In this new generation, everythings priced in your local currency. Were moving from Microsoft Points to real money." 

Its currently unclear whether this move will also extend to users of its Xbox 360. But with a new Xbox 360 being announced today, along with improvements to the Xbox Live Gold membership, it would seem like the perfect opportunity to finally banish the Microsoft Points system once and for all. 

Update: Neowin member "Sraf" pointed out the tweet below from Microsofts Xbox Support team, regarding what will happen to existing Microsoft Points balances when theyre phased out. Microsoft says that youll get a credit in your local currency to the tune of an equivalent or greater amount to your final MSP balance. This appears to indicate that Points are indeed being phased out across the board, and not just being replaced on Xbox One purchases. 

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