Robot makes a dash for its life

It was reported yesterday that a robot that has been part of an experiment in learning has got too smart as it was seen attempting to escape from the building where it is based.

Gaak, one of twelve robots currently taking part in a study at the Magma Centre in Rotherham, UK, has been a part of an experiment in which robots are programmed to be "free thinking" but this particular machine had obviously made one thought too many. It forced its way out of a paddock and then travelled down an access ramp and out of the building's front door.

A motorist who was travelling to the building said he was "surprised" to almost run over the robot as it made its escape bid. After almost destroying Gaak he told the BBC: "I came here especially for the robots, I knew they interacted with each other, but I didn't expect to be personally greeted by one.".

The creator of the robots (in the picture) commented saying: "Since the experiment went live in March, the robots have all learned a significant amount and are becoming more intelligent by the day," and he reassured people vising Magma saying "However, although they can escape, they are perfectly harmless.".

News source: BBC South Yorkshire News

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