Rockstar denies Grand Theft Auto movie rights rumour

Since the publication of this article, Rockstar has responded with an emphatic denial of the rumour that the Grand Theft Auto movie rights have been optioned. The rights to create a movie based on the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto videogame franchise have been picked up by a producer associated with film studio Dreamworks, according to reports appearing this week.

Popular Internet movie rumour website Ain't It Cool News has reported that Michael DeLuca, a Dreamworks producer who has also worked for New Line in the past, has picked up the rights to the series. DeLuca's previous work includes producer roles on films including Blade, American History X, Magnolia, Blow and Boogie Nights, and he was ranked sixty-first in Premiere's 2003 "Power 100" list of movie industry movers and shakers.

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