Neowin News Feed for: Cdprojekt red red/ Neowin News Feed for: Cdprojekt red en-us Neowin Ignition News (Managing Editor) (Neowin Developers) 5 Cyberpunk 2077 is coming back to Sony's PlayStation Store on June 21 <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Sony has confirmed that CD Projekt RED&#039;s role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 is finally coming back to the PlayStation Store after being removed due to issues with the game at launch. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Subir Kathuria) Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:04:01 +0000 Diablo's Hellfire expansion is now on GOG, as a free add-on to the base game <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Thanks to popular demand, the Hellfire expansion for the original Diablo is now available as a free add-on on GOG. It&#039;s just as well, since the base game is 10% off as part of the ongoing sale. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Florin Bodnarescu ) Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:56:01 +0000