Neowin News Feed for: Dash cam cam/ Neowin News Feed for: Dash cam en-us Neowin Ignition News (Managing Editor) (Neowin Developers) 5 Five ideas for repurposing your old Android mobile to give it a new lease on life <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Have you got a bunch of old Android smartphones sitting in a drawer? Check out these simple projects that will make you dust off your old smartphones and put them to some good use. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Chandrakant Isi) Sun, 27 Jun 2021 18:06:01 +0000 Garmin announces Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Garmin has announced the Speak Plus with Alexa just months after it announced a related product in October. The Plus features a dash cam for recording journeys and helping you avoid collisions. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Paul Hill) Mon, 08 Jan 2018 21:02:02 +0000