Neowin News Feed for: Nuance Neowin News Feed for: Nuance en-us Neowin Ignition News (Managing Editor) (Neowin Developers) 5 Microsoft Weekly: New Surface devices, April Patch Tuesday, and game updates <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>A new acquisition, new content for games, and even new Surface devices were all unveiled this week. If you haven&#039;t had time to catch up, make sure to do so via our handy weekly recap. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Florin Bodnarescu ) Sun, 18 Apr 2021 11:40:01 +0000 Microsoft confirms Nuance acquisition for nearly $20 billion <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Microsoft has officially announced its acquisition of Nuance Communications in a transaction valued at a whopping $19.7 billion. The purchase will bolster Microsoft&#039;s efforts in the cloud and AI. <a href="">Read more...</a> (João Carrasqueira) Mon, 12 Apr 2021 13:42:01 +0000 Microsoft could acquire AI firm Nuance Communications in a $16 billion deal <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Microsoft is reportedly set to announce a deal to acquire Nuance this week. Nuance specializes in artificial intelligence and speech recognition, and its technology was used for Siri. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Jay Bonggolto) Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:42:01 +0000 Is Susan Bennett the original voice of Siri? <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/34119978112.jpg" alt="" /></div>Susan Bennett, an Atlanta voice actor, claims that her voice is the original one that was used by Apple as the basis for its Siri voice command feature in recent versions of iOS. <a href="">Read more...</a> (John Callaham) Fri, 04 Oct 2013 13:32:42 +0000 Rumor: Leaked email states iOS 7 could be released on September 10 <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/1952786987ios-7.png" alt="" /></div>An email that was discovered on the Nuance servers (who are the developers of the Siri personal assistant for iOS) seems to suggest that iOS 7 will finally be made available on the 10th of September. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Steven Parker) Tue, 27 Aug 2013 08:36:17 +0000 Nuance releases Dragon Notes for Windows 7 and 8 <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/527904174nuance-logo.jpg" alt="" /></div>Nuance has launched Dragon Notes, their new PC note taking software that works with both Windows 7 and touchscreen Windows 8 devices, available for download for $19.99. <a href="">Read more...</a> (John Callaham) Wed, 15 May 2013 14:14:23 +0000 Nuance offers voice assistant software for Ultrabooks <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/1406916347microphone.jpg" alt="" /></div>Nuance and Intel have announced plans to offer Dragon Assistant, a voice recognition software package that will be pre-loaded on some Ultrabook-based notebooks later this year. <a href="">Read more...</a> (John Callaham) Wed, 12 Sep 2012 04:50:17 +0000 Swype to be bought out by Nuance <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/527904174nuance-logo.jpg" alt="" /></div>A report suggests that Swype is in the process of being acquired by Nuance, for a price over $100 million. The official announcement is expected tomorrow at some point. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Paul Ferson) Fri, 07 Oct 2011 16:12:26 +0000 Rumor: Apple chatting with Nuance about possible deal? <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/996709829apple-logo-1.jpg" alt="" /></div>The rumor mill that surrounds Apple is pretty massive and every day there's always something that's leaked out into the Internet blogs and media sites that involves the normally very secretive company. One of the... <a href="">Read more...</a> (John Callaham) Sun, 08 May 2011 09:24:58 +0000