Neowin News Feed for: Tariffs Neowin News Feed for: Tariffs en-us Neowin Ignition News (Managing Editor) (Neowin Developers) 5 France tells the U.S. it will retaliate over any action against its digital tax <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>France&#039;s economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has announced that France will not take sanctions from the U.S. lying down. The U.S. is thinking about imposing tariffs over France&#039;s digital services tax. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Paul Hill) Mon, 06 Jan 2020 13:16:01 +0000 Tesla considering two price increases in China this year <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Sources have said that Tesla is considering two price increases for customers in China. The first is due on August 30, while a second could arrive in December. No official statement has been released. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Paul Hill) Mon, 26 Aug 2019 12:56:02 +0000 Tesla cuts prices in China over trade war tariffs <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Tesla has announced that it is slashing the prices of the Model S and Model X in China by 12 to 26%. The move comes several months after the firm boosted prices by 20% in response to tariffs. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Paul Hill) Thu, 22 Nov 2018 20:22:01 +0000 Virgin Media launches mobile tariffs with unlimited everything, from £15 a month <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Virgin Media has launched its VIP tariffs, with unlimited calls, texts and data from £15 a month SIM-only, or £31 with a free handset, with discounts and free insurance for existing customers. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Andy Weir) Thu, 02 May 2013 08:05:36 +0000 4G UK: Operators say ‘no' to unlimited data plans, except for Three <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="/images/news/logos/13300287864g.png" alt="" /></div>UK operators Vodafone, O2 and EE have all ruled out the possibility of offering unlimited data plans on 4G, calling them &quot;unsustainable&quot; - but Three remains committed to &#039;all-you-can-eat&#039; data on 4G. <a href="">Read more...</a> (Andy Weir) Tue, 12 Mar 2013 09:09:36 +0000 Micron calls for US penalty tariffs on Korean DRAM makers <div style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div>Micron Technology Inc on Friday charged that Korean memory manufacturers have received unfair levels of support from their government and asked US authorities to impose tariffs on memory imports from the country. ... <a href="">Read more...</a> (Daniel Fleshbourne) Mon, 04 Nov 2002 12:30:14 +0000