Rumor: Free wireless charger for AT&T Nokia Lumia 920?

AT&T has the exclusive on selling the Nokia Lumia 920 here in the United States, but the wireless carrier won't actually be selling the Windows Phone 8 device until sometime later in November. Now a new rumor claims that the company will offer its customers an added incentive for buying the Lumia 920. reports, via unnamed sources, that when the Lumia 920 is offered for sale by AT&T, it will have a pretty reasonable price of $149 (with a two year contract). The story also claims it will come with a nice bonus; a free wireless charging pad.

The article did not state what kind of wireless pad will be included. Nokia revealed many such pads when it first announced the Lumia 920 in September, including a Fatboy pad that looked liked a mini-beanball.

The story adds that AT&T will sell the Nokia Lumia 820 for just $49 with a two year contract, and HTC's Windows Phone 8X for $149. All three of these devices will go on sale from AT&T on November 9th, according to the article's sources. So far, AT&T has yet to confirm pricing or availability of its many Windows Phone 8 products.

Source: | Image via Nokia

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