Rumor: Google to acquire Twitter in the near future

Since its creation, Twitter has become a massive hit, not only with regular consumers but with celebrities and businesses too. Google, not one to be left behind, has noticed this and rumors are flying that the search giant is currently in talks with Twitter regarding a buyout.

Multiple sources have told TechCrunch that the negotiations are in early stages, as well as late stages. That is, different sources are reporting different rumors, but one thing is clear: chances are high of Google owning Twitter. Recently, Twitter turned down offers of Facebook buying them out, for $500 million dollar. This suggests that Google is offering a price far more significant than this. Additionally, one of the TechCrunch sources has stated that Google and Twitter are also working together to make a "Google real time search engine."

So, why would Google want to own Twitter? Well, they currently don't have anything that is like what Twitter offers. Not only that, but as mentioned, Twitter is very well established. Personally, I would have liked to see Twitter remain independent, but perhaps an acquisition would be a good thing. What does Neowin think?

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