Rumor: Google to launch online TV service; will it compete with Xbox One?

Will Google's new online TV service work where Google TV failed?

Google still wants to be a part of the television industry, even after its Google TV operating system failed to gain any real traction in the "smart TV" business. A new report from the Wall Street Journal claims, via unnamed sources, that Google is holding meeting with a number of media companies in an attempt to license their content for a new online TV service.

The story claims that the plan would stream traditional TV networks over the Internet. One source claims that Google actually demoed what the new TV service would be like to an interested media partner but details about that demo were not revealed. A timeline for a launch of this service was also not mentioned.

If Google moves along with these kinds of plans, it will be competing with the regular cable TV services for subscribers, along with online streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. It would also have to deal with Microsoft's announced plans for the Xbox One console, which will offer voice commanded TV guide listings that would work with traditional cable and satellite providers.

New streaming TV services are also rumored to launch later this fall from Amazon and also from Intel. In fact, a recent report from GigaOM claims that Intel's TV venture will be called OnCue when it is officially revealed.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Google

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