Rumor: Lenovo to launch 1080p quad-core Windows Phone in 2013?

There's been tons of rumors this summer about what Nokia has in store for upcoming Lumia Windows Phone devices, but little info has been leaked about what other companies might have in mind for Microsoft's mobile OS. Now, a well known Windows Phone rumor site claims that Lenovo might pull the trigger on their first Windows Phone 8 smartphone later this year.

Chinese language site reports, via unnamed sources, that Lenovo will release a pretty high end Windows Phone 8 device sometime in the second half of 2013. The report claims that the phone will have either a 4.7 or five inch display with 1080p resolution, along with a quad-core processor inside.

Microsoft has not confirmed that Lenovo has been added to its list of its official Windows Phone hardware makers. Besides Nokia, the other three WP8 device companies are HTC, Samsung and Huawei. However, in January, Lenovo's vice-president JD Howard said there was a "good chance" we will see a Windows Phone device from the company sometime this year. Since Microsoft and Lenovo already have a tight relationship on the Windows PC front, it certainly isn't much of a stretch to see that partnership continuing with Windows Phone.

Source: WPDang via | Image via Lenovo

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