Rumor: Microsoft to add co-owner file support to SkyDrive

Even though Microsoft will soon be giving their SkyDrive service a new name, the company still has plans to add many new features to the cloud storage service. This week, which has broken many stories about SkyDrive in the past, is reporting that Microsoft will be adding new folder permissions to SkyDrive that will allow for more than one person to have full access to files and folders on one account.

The report calls the new folder permission "co-owners" and this new permission can be added when creating a new file and then sending that permission to other people on that account, as shown in the screenshot above. Currently, SkyDrive allows other people to view and edit files if they have been given permission by the account holder. Under the "co-owners" feature, other people can be given permission to both add and delete files to that folder, and even invite other people to access that SkyDrive folder.

This will certainly give SkyDrive users a much more comprehensive way to collaborate with others remotely and will be a welcome new addition to the service. However, the story does not state when the "co-owners" permission will be added for SkyDrive subscribers.

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