Rumor: Microsoft to launch 'Blake's 7' TV series revival for Xbox Live

If the newest rumor turns out to be true, getting a new Xbox One or Xbox 360 game console will be a must for fans of sci-fi television. The Financial Times is reporting, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is helping to fund a possible revival of the classic BBC sci-fi TV series "Blake's 7" as an exclusive for the company's Xbox Live service.

The story claims that while Microsoft has committed to financing the development of the revival, it has yet to make a decision on ordering a full season of the show. Microsoft has not yet commented on the store. It has already confirmed plans to launch a live action TV series based on its Halo game series for Xbox Live. Earlier this spring, there were rumors that Microsoft was looking into funding a revival of NBC's "Heroes."

The original Blake's 7 was the creation of Terry Nation, best known for creating the Daleks in Doctor Who. The first version of the show, which ran for four seasons in the late 1970s and early 1980s on the BBC, is set several hundred years in the future as a rag tag group of rebels, led by Roj Blake, fight a totalitarian Earth government with the help of their highly advanced starship, Liberator.

There have been a number of announced attempts to revive Blake's 7 as a full series, a mini-series or a movie but none of those efforts have come to fruition. In April, the BBC said that a new version of the show would be shown on Syfy with a 13 episode season. However, today's Financial Times article now says Syfy is out of the picture and Microsoft is in.

Source: Financial Times | Image via BBC

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