Rumor: Microsoft to partner with Baidu

Microsoft is on a crusade to make Bing a household name when it comes to searching. While it has recently paired up with Blackberry to become the default search and map provider, Microsoft may be about to announce another major search deal.

The news comes from the Chinese press (via Business Insider) and states that Microsoft is getting ready to pair up with Baidu, the largest search engine in China, and the announcement may come as early as next week.

It looks like Baidu is taking over the paid ads on Bing China, and Bing will provide the English language results for Baidu

​If true, this will help to broaden the reach of Bing and help to increase the marketshare of the platform.  While nothing is confirmed, the announcement would show that Microsoft is willing to do what it takes to gain marketshare in the competitive search arena. 

With this announcement and the recent BBOS integration, Microsoft is positioning Bing in several different markets outside of Microsoft is pushing Bing at every turn, something they must continue to do if they wish to take marketshare away from Google. 



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