Rumor: New Blackberry 10 images leaked?

Research in Motion has already indicated that their next version of the Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, won't be released until sometime in late 2012. That isn't stopping some leaks of the next smartphone operating system from RIM, apparently. Fan site Crackberry got some new screenshots of Blackberry 10 in action, thanks to a unnamed tipster.

While the smartphone in the screenshots is of an older Blackberry model, the operating system appears to be the new Blackberry 10. The image above seems to be RIM's idea of putting in a version of "widgets" in Blackberry 10. The UI is a bit similar to Microsoft's Windows Phone Live tiles design.

Another new screenshot, shown below, features Blackberry 10's icon tray with a number of new icons for Blackberry-based apps. Other screenshots shown in the Crackberry article include the new Universal Inbox and a new caller display interface.

While RIM may be taking their time to get Blackberry 10 completed, these newly leaked screenshots show that the company is at least heading in the right direction as far as the UI of the operating system is concerned. Of course, there are still performance issues that are currently unknown as well as what specific type of hardware will be put into the final Blackberry 10-based smartphones.

Images via Crackberry

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