Rumor: Nokia to unveil tablet in February at MWC 2013

The rumor of a Nokia tablet isnt anything new; weve heard various rumors and speculation regarding the potential release of one. However, the latest chatter suggests we could see one at the Mobile World Congress in February.

We know that if such device is made Nokia will be running Windows RT or Windows 8. The rumor shouldnt be taken as a positive by any means, as it comes from a supply chain in Taiwan, according to Digitimes. We know that they arent the most reliable of sources so were definitely not holding our breath on any announcement just yet.

This is a fan-made mock-up created by Jonas Daehnert illustrating what a Nokia tablet may look like.

According to Digitimes, the Nokia tablet is said to offer users a 10-inch screen, and is powered by Qualcomms S4 processor inside. Its been delayed because Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing Surface. In the time until February, it is believed that Nokias primary focus will be on its smartphone sales.

However, we know that Nokia is working on something due to an article we published in March where Nokias head of design Marko Ahtisaari confirmed it had a tablet in the works. So maybe this tablet is just a follow up from that story one year later, but who knows. One thing we do know is that well find out in February for definite.

Back in May our own Andy Weir had ideas for a Nokia Tablet concept, and asked: "Would you buy this Nokia Windows Tablet?". Little did he know then how close to reality that could well be very soon!

Via: TechRadar
Source: Digitimes | Image via AllThingsD

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