Rumor: Special Xbox 360 R2-D2 console coming?

Microsoft has released special versions of its Xbox 360 consoles in the past for games like Halo 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach and more. This fall it will also release a special version tied into Gears of War 3. But now rumors have hit the Internet that Microsoft may be making a special versions of the Xbox 360 that will not only be a tie in to an upcoming game but also the biggest sci-fi franchise of them all.

According to a story at via unnamed sources, Microsoft will release a special R2-D2 version of the Xbox 360, that will also include a Kinect motion controller camera, as a tie-in for the upcoming Kinect Star Wars game. The story says that the console won't actually be shaped like the classic hero droid of the Star Wars movie series. Instead it will have "blue and white paint job" that's meant to resemble the colors of R2-D2. It adds that "even the Kinect sensor itself will be sporting a neat palette change."

Computer and Video games got a comment from Microsoft about the rumor, and while Microsoft started out with its usual, "As you know, rumours are rumours and we don't comment on them," it added something a little odd at the end: "May the force be with you." That might be a clue that the rumor might be true, or it could just be an attempt to be funny from a Microsoft spokesperson.

Kinect Star Wars, first announced just before E3 2011, is due out later this fall and will be set during the prequel trilogy of movies as the player uses the Kinect controller to use Force powers, lightsaber and other abilities.

Image via Entertainment Weekly

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