Rumor: "Wii 2" to have front-facing camera in controller?

It's been a few days since a nice, juicy rumor about Nintendo's next game console hit the Internet. Thankfully we have the Develop web site to give us the latest (via unnamed sources) "scoop" on the hardware behind the console. According to their article today, a trusted sources says that the console's controller will have a front-facing camera that can be used to take images that can be put into games.

The article also says its source has supposedly confirmed other rumors about the console (called "Wii 2" by some in the media and "Project Cafe" by others) including that the console's controller has a touch screen but still has a standard button layout.

Officially all Nintendo is saying at this point is that it will showcase a playable version of its next major console at its pre-E3 press conference on June 7 in Los Angeles. The console is slated to launch sometime in 2012. Unofficially there have been tons of rumors about what will be inside the console. Some rumors have suggested that the console will have 8 GB of Flash storage and have support for high definition TV screens.

IGN recently reported via their own sources that the "Wii 2" will have a custom PowerPC-based CPU provided by IBM with three cores. Also AMD will supposedly be providing the GPU for the console with the reporting saying it will be a version of AMD's R700 design. If true that means Nintendo's next console should be more powerful than Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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