Rumor: Windows 8 beta development to start in July

Things have been relatively quiet since the last set of Windows 8 leaks, and the announcement of the tablet interface at Computex and D9 last month. However, today, we're hearing new news that Microsoft will be finishing the Windows 8 Beta sometime towards the end of July.

According to MSWin and Wzor, Microsoft was due to complete a CTP build (Community Technology Preview) version of Windows 8 to show off at it's Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles on July 10-14, however it is believed it is unlikely at this stage that Microsoft will reveal anything more than we've already seen.

However, the sources go on to say that they expect Microsoft to begin work on the beta branch of Windows 8 sometime between 14-28 July, and that builds should appear during this time. It would make sense for Microsoft to get the bits ready for it's BUILD conference in September, so that it can be distributed to developers.

On top of this, apparently, Windows 8 will have built in anti-virus protection under the Windows Defender title, with it appearing in builds above the "8010" number. Reports say that the new version of Windows Defender looks like Microsoft Security Essentials and also offers a very similar feature set. It's likely this move is being made now, after the antitrust shackles that prevented Microsoft from bundling software with Windows were removed in May. 

Windows 8 is far off from public availability and as previously mentioned, it is rumored that a public beta may be announced at Microsoft's BUILD conference later this year. It is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in late 2012 with the latest rumors suggesting that retail availability will happen in early 2013.

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