Rumor: Windows Blue will help battery life on Intel Haswell PCs?

A new rumor claims that Microsoft is working with Intel to make sure ultrabooks and hybrids that will run on Intel's next generation processor will have longer battery life with Windows Blue.

Intel's next-gen chip is codenamed Haswell and Windows Blue is, of course, the rumored major update for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. CNET is now reporting that, according to an unnamed source "close to Microsoft," Microsoft is making what the article calls a "power model" for Windows Blue that will be able to adapt to different power performances, depending on the PC.

The final result, the article claims, should allow ultrabooks with the Haswell chip to have the performance of a mainstream PC with the power efficiency of a tablet or smartphone. The article quotes the source as saying, "You'll be able to buy an ultrabook that's as wickedly fast as you can imagine, faster than an Ivy Bridge PC. But with longer battery life."

Intel launched its own power efficient Atom processor, codenamed Clover Trail, for use inside a number of Windows 8 tablets in the fall of 2012 alongside the Windows 8 launch. However, tablets with Clover Trail inside were in short supply for the first few months of Windows 8. Now, it's looking like Haswell-based PCs with Windows Blue might be worth the wait if you want a solid x86 PC with long battery life.

Source: CNET

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