Rumor: Windows Phone 8 SDK enters Release Candidate stage

Despite the fact Windows Phone 8 is set to be launched in just over a week's time, an SDK for the new operating system still hasn't been released by Microsoft. If a tipster to WMPoweruser is correct, the Windows Phone 8 SDK has just entered the Release Candidate stage, allowing select developers access to the SDK for the first time.

Previously there was an SDK floating around, although the word on the street is that it was only made available to a small, exclusive group of developers. The Release Candidate version of the SDK presumably has been given to a lager group of developers including WMPU's tipster, however it still isn't ready for a final public release which we expect to occur at launch on October 29th.

The reason behind the lack of SDK release is to apparently keep unannounced Windows Phone 8 features secret. Numerous features have already leaked about the operating system without an official announcement by Microsoft, such as Kid's Corner and Rooms, so these "unannounced features" could actually be stuff we've already seen. That said, it could also be something completely new which would be mighty cool.

Keep a look out for more Windows Phone 8 news ahead of the October 29th event.

Source: WMPoweruser | Image via WMPU

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