Rumored list of upcoming Windows Phone devices leaked

Microsoft has already announced that Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei will be the first four hardware partners for the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this fall. Today, a website has posted up a list of what it claims are the names of some of these upcoming devices.

The Chinese language site WPDang reports posted up the list, which shows three names of upcoming Nokia smartphones. One of them has been outed before, the Phi. The others are new, the Fluid and, in one of the oddest smartphone names we have ever seen, the Dogphone. It's more than likely that these labels are merely code names for upcoming products that will bear the Lumia brand when they are released.

Yet another name on the list from Nokia is the P4301, which some speculate could be the name of a PureView-based Windows Phone device. There's also a Samsung product listed, the Samsung SGH-1687.

The strangest listing on this leaked list is for a company called Juggernaut for a product named Alpha. We have absolutely no idea what this listing is all about but it's possible that both the company name and the name of the device are both cover labels for something else.

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