Rumour: New iMac to feature “teardrop” design

Apple is heading into an important time as a company, a business and a technology giant as a whole. The iPhone 5 debuted to the usual fanfare for an iPhone. The iPod range was given a makeover. The iPad Mini is supposed to be hitting stores very soon. And now rumours of a new design for the iMac and a 13 inch MacBook Pro with a retina display are surfacing.

The new iMac logic board and components?

Chinese site has speculated that the picture they posted showing the logic board and other components will lead to the design being thinner and having a curved shell, “like a water droplet”.

The pictures hasn't been verified as genuine, but Kyle Wiens of iFixit said to MacRumors that it could be legitimate, due to similarities with current iMac components. Wiens added that the silver disc, shown in the image, behind the components has been an inclusion in the iMac for several years.

The current iMac design

The 21.5 inch iMac could be the first to get the design on October 23rd. The 27 inch model is said to be more of a challenge thanks to the lamination of the display and glass with suitable yields.

The new, 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro is also expected on October 23rd. The current 15 inch model (codenamed D2) launched in June and the newer 13 inch model (currently codenamed D1) would share the thinner and lighter housing. It will be sold in two configurations, with CPU and storage options differing.

A teardrop design has been rumoured already. Remembering back to April 2011,  we reported that the iPhone 5 was rumoured to be getting a similar design. Although that didn’t happen, if the iMac rumour proves to be fact, the next generation of the iPhone (iPhone 6) might move to that design after all.

Source: Macworld | Images courtesy of WeiPhone, Apple and Thisismynext

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