Rumour: The Lost & Damned to hit PlayStation 3 in August?

Remember when Microsoft reportedly paid $50m for the sole rights to the first Grand Theft Auto IV content pack The Lost & Damned? Well rumours are beginning to circulate which suggest their exclusivity period will expire shortly, and that PlayStation 3 owners will soon be able to enjoy the expansion themselves.

An article published in the latest PSW magazine suggests that Microsoft's lucrative deal had only earned them 6 months worth of exclusivity, which is due to expire in a little over 3 months time. Further more, reports indicate that Sony will be offering the downloadable content to PS3 owners as early as August 20th on the PlayStation Network Store.

The video game industry has always been a little dubious of the deal, which was sealed before GTA IV had even hit shelves. Specific details surrounding the arrangement have never surfaced, with conflicting information and stories leading many to believe that the episodic download would eventually make its way onto PlayStation 3 one way or another.

The Lost & Damned, which launched over Xbox Live on February 17th, follows the story of Johnny Klebitz and the Lost & Damned biker gang of Liberty City, revisiting familiar locations, stories and characters along the way. Take-Two are said to be preparing the next episode for release before November.

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