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Rumours Galore: New Apple iPods coming in September

Various news sites are reporting that Apple plans to launch new iPod models in September. There have been cease-and-desist orders handed out by Apple regarding photos as well as videos, although it is not clear whether Apple is covering up a trail or starting a fake one to create some excitement. Here's a few highlights that are being whispered:

  • A second generation iPhone (iPhone nano), a wide-screen iPod video (possibly with a touch-screen), an iPod nano with video support and an iPod shuffle with more storage are all likely announcements
  • The new devices will run different variants of Mac OS X, much like the iPhone
  • NAND flash memory will be used for storage for most, if not all, of the new products
  • A shorter but wider and thicker 4GB, 8GB and 16GB iPod Nano will be available in solid black, silver, cranberry, light blue, and light green
  • The new iPods will look much like the iPhone, except with a black, not silver, outside rim and may perform like it too: integration with iLife '08 (ability to browse 'Events' via a CoverFlow interface), similar way of displaying album art and a world clock widget
  • Despite touch-screen suggestions, it is unlikely the click-wheel interface will not be included in at least one of the new models
View: Supposed Leaked Images of 3G iPod Nano

News source: InformationWeek | Apple Insider | Apple 2.0
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