Samsung caves in, altered Galaxy 10.1 coming to Germany

Remember that tablet everyone got confused with the iPad 2? No? Okay, remember that tablet that got banned for looking a bit too much like an iPad 2? Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 hasn't been without its fair share of controversy, but it looks like all that might be coming to an end as Samsung prepares a modified Galaxy Tab that the company hopes will solve all those problems.

How did they do it? Samsung went to the drawing board and moved a few things around to make comparisons harder. According to PCWorld, the speakers will now be on the front rather than the side. The bezel also looks more silver now, compared to the iPad's uniform black/white styling.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1N, as it will be known, is so far only going to be offered in Germany. Retailers have started putting up shop listings that point towards a release date of next week. The company is keen to stress that the new model is a response to the German ban, not the Apple patent lawsuit.

This isn't the first time a company has had to release a modified version of its product. A few years back, Microsoft found itself in hot water with the European Union, who requested that Microsoft release a version of Windows XP without Windows Media Player. Windows XP N, however, cost the exact same price as normal Windows XP, and sales only reached around a thousand units. In Samsung's case, the company will likely see more of a benefit considering the outright ban on its standard Galaxy Tab 10.1 model.

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